Sales & Shipping Policies

Sales & Shipping Policies

All returns or claims must be approved by MAS, Inc. and assigned a Return Authorization (RA) number.

All products are subject to the manufacturers’ warranties and procedures.

All claims are subject to the carrier’s tariffs, rules, and procedures.


The customer is responsible for outgoing, return, and replacement charges if a shipment is returned without authorization. This includes, but is not limited to incorrect addresses, resident not available at time of delivery, or refusal of delivery.


MAS, Inc. will accept most items back within 30 days as long as the item has not been opened or damaged. A restock fee may be applied in cases where the product requires special handling. There are items that are non-returnable such as food products and custom ordered items.


All product and technical support is provided by the manufacturer’s help lines or websites. MAS, Inc. will only accept returns of defective items with an approved Return Authorization number.


  • All shipments must be thoroughly inspected for product and box damage.
  • The recipient is responsible to make note of any visible or potential damages on the delivery receipt.
  • Concealed damages must be reported within 5 days for a truck shipment or 30 days for a parcel shipment.
  • MAS, Inc. will coordinate all pick-up and replacements of damaged goods.
  • All claims are subject to the carrier’s tariffs, rules, and procedures.
  • MAS, Inc. is not responsible for any claim that is denied by the carrier.


MAS, Inc. can ship internationally, however, duties and tax costs are not always known before hand and these additional fee’s will be billed once known. Many US brands do not extend their warranties to other countries, including Canada. MAS does not support any product shipped outside the US.


MAS can only collect taxes for shipments to OH and MI. A valid tax exempt form must be submitted and on file at MAS for an account to be tax exempt.


MAS ships most products from Richfield, OH 44286. Orders may be dropped shipped from other locations.


MAS, Inc. can accommodate Third Party Billing but reserves the right to invoice a handling charge, additional fees from the carrier, or any unanticipated charges that may occur during the course of shipment. A handling fee will be added to the invoice for using a third party account of $3 for parcel shipments and $5 for truck shipments.


Shipments will be processed on any account with open credit terms, credit card payment, or prepayment. Accounts on credit hold are not guaranteed allocation of stock. Credit card purchases are subject to a 3% service fee which will be added to the invoice.

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